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Instructions for Completing the Application
for Primary Membership (CSA farms)

The Application for Primary Membership creates a profile for your farm that will be listed on the website's CSA Directory. Because the coalition is committed to transparency, the Application is fairly extensive. Here are some tips and more information about the Application:

• Check out our website, www.bandoffarmers.org, and familiarize yourself with the tools and information that it offers to consumers. Take a look at the CSA Directory to see how the farms' listings appear, and click on one or two of the listings to see how each farm's profile appears.

• Review the Application questions in advance and consider drafting your responses before you access the Application online. (Save your longer responses, just in case; better yet, email info@bandoffarmers.org for a Word version of the Application which you can use to draft your responses there and cut-and-paste longer responses into the Application form.)

Plan to complete the Application in one sitting if possible (allow 10-30 minutes, depending on how much you've prepared in advance). Don't lose your work! Be sure to click Next until you are given an opportunity to Confirm your Application. You should receive an email to confirm that your Application has been received.

• To access the Application, go to the website > Get Involved > Join the Band. After a few preliminaries, you'll see the breakdown of fees (ranging from $35-$95) for Primary Membership based on number of Chicagoland CSA shares in the prior season (2016). If you are out of the Chicagoland area and serve another area with CSA, you may base your Membership Level on the number of Chicago-area households you served with CSAs during the previous season. E.g., a Wisconsin farm has 100 total members: 75 in Madison and 25 in Chicagoland; that farm would be Level A ($35) member for our purposes based on 25 Chicago-area households. When asked on the Application for the number of shares/households served in the previous season, put, e.g., "100 total; 25 Chicagoland."

• In the CSA Information portion of the Application, the term “CSA Share” applies only to those offerings that are available on a stand-alone basis, i.e., they can be purchased by a person who is not a CSA customer for your primary offerings. Thus, the term “CSA Share” does not include add-ons that are only available to your existing members. An example would be a vegetable CSA that also offers a Fruit Share or Flower Share that can be purchased by a non-vegetable customer.

• Under the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), the word organic and phrases that use the word organic (e.g., organically grown, using organic methods, etc.) are only legally used by those farms which are either USDA Certified Organic or are exempt. NOP maintains the right to impose fines or other actions against non-certified (or non-exempt) farms that use these words and phrases. Band of Farmers does not exist to enforce NOP’s regulations, but is committed to offering transparency to consumers. Your Application essentially becomes your public profile on our CSA Directory.

• If you use subjective words like sustainable and natural be sure to let readers know what they mean in the context of your farm.

• The final question of the Application requires a response of Yes to indicate your agreement to The Band of Farmers Pledge; please read it before completing the Application.

• You will receive several automated emails, including one with a password for log-in to your account and profile; unfortunately the site doesn’t permit you to edit your profile until your membership has been activated. (You’ll receive another email when your membership has been activated.) If you don't receive an email confirming your Application, it has not been received.

• Don't worry about perfection at this point. Your Application needs to be activated before your profile will appear on the CSA Directory; once it has been activated, you will be able to log in and edit your profile if needed. Don't make your online payment until your Application has been activated!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Robin at info@bandoffarmers.org or 708-370-8017.

Revised 11.9.16


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